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Data Driven Services

The core of data utilisation is to boost efficient and successful business and service development. With the help of knowledge, experience and technology our data team builds your business a competitive advantage from data.

Data Science and AI

From data to knowledge.

Data itself is not valuable, but good insights and predictions from data are very valuable. This is what our Data Science and AI experts deliver. They utilise analytics and machine learning tools to create right algorithms for your need. Or they can study your data to understand it and the possibilities better.


Whether you want to optimise your current business, launch new innovative solutions or predict future with the help of AI, we are here to support you on every step of your journey.

Data Sicence and AI

CASES & CLIENTS The public sector takes the AI lead


Data Engineering and Solutions

Enabling fast paced data utilisation.

Enabling fast paced data utilisation to help your business to gain maximum benefit from your data. With modern cloud platforms and technologies, you can reach fast paced and coordinated agile service production without re-building all your data systems.

Our data engineer team ensure your data quality and availability in real business environments with diverse data systems. The team have the skills and tools to migrate, enrich and modify data to fit your needs and requirements of modern data platforms to get the full benefits.


What we do

CASES & CLIENTS Machine learning predicts maintenance of the Öresund Bridge


Data Driven Business Design

Innovative and human-centered problem-solving.

To understand value of data, is to understanding people and processes. New data driven services are valuable only if they are relevant for customers. You can be data-driven only if have right metrics and KPIs that drive to reach your strategic goals. We provide design and research services to accomplish that in your data journey.


Discover business value of your data journey

Digital Transformation Advisory

Reach the competitive advantage.

Utilising data is all about relevant services and being data driven. But making it happen is all about evolving your organisation and strategy. Being competitive with modern technologies means to be more innovative, collaborative, agile and committed in whole organisation.

We provide you an easy 3 step approach

I. Assessment | To understand you digitalisation maturity level from three perspectives

Situational awareness – how well you understand and see digital possibilities
Strategic utilisation – how well you understand value of the possibilities and are able to commit
Ability to execute – how well you can make things happen in digital world

II. Definition | Align transformation targets with your strategy

Team will analyse the transformation in four layers that must be aligned:

Strategy – digitalisation must be understood in strategic level
Structure –organisation, roles and responsibilities must support digitalisation
Capability – company must be able to implement digital projects.
Culture – all layers will be affected by culture

III. Transformation | Creating and starting transformation road map


Data Maturity level test

Measure your Business' Data Maturity level

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