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Welcome to Innovation Zone

Welcome to Innovation Zone

Innovation Zone is Cybercom’s hub for development and innovation, where employees, clients and other partners can all test ideas, develop prototypes and run pilot products in an ultra-creative environment. In order to accomplish as much as possible, we bring organisations, people and skills together in cross-functional teams.

The method can most closely be described as experience-based innovation. The key is trial and error, instead of overthinking. A large measure of freedom is included - you can proceed from your own interests and test ideas and new technologies: learning is the primary goal. The only requirement is that the technology or solution must be relevant to Cybercom’s clients, in the near future or further down the road.

Innovation Zone began as a pilot project in 2016 so that Cybercom’s consultants could use the time between assignments for learning and development. Today, Innovation Zones are found in all Cybercom offices. For new employees, much of their introduction to Cybercom is provided in Innovation Zone.


3 questions for Irfan Khalid, Cybercom Innovation Leader


How has Innovation Zone (IZ) evolved in 2017?

This was the year IZ was really established, as a regular part of Cybercom. We focused on further developing IZ, where one of the goals was to form a group of IZ leaders. We now have ten leaders who have met four times so far. If you are interested in their projects and experiences, check out their blog on robotsh.cn.

What have you done?

A lot! We held Hack-A-Bike, the world’s first hackathon on electric bikes, in collaboration with Cycleurope, for instance. The offices in Sundsvall, Kista and Malmö created “Innovation in a Box”, a kit that makes it easier for clients to get innovating on their own.

What’s happening in 2018?

We will be continuing our IZ initiatives. Our priorities include working much more closely with Cybercom’s Sustainability Ambassadors to generate more innovations with focus on sustainability. It’s going to be really exciting to see what we can achieve here.

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