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Next-generation of an AI-powered workspace using experience-driven development


The Innovation Lab at Kronofogden (Swedish Enforcement ity) joined forces with Cybercom to develop the next generation workspace, in order to improve the ability for enhanced debt collection. Originating from exploring the latest technologies and trends from an outside-in perspective, this initiative later led to a machine learning project. The starting point for this assignment was based on an idea from Kronofogden’s Hackathon regarding the automation of work tasks.



The challenge was to create a vision for how a new workspace could deal with both large amounts of automated work tasks, improving allocation of work and distributed collaboration in general. Having information scattered, non-systematic and unstructured makes analysis and debt collection complicated and time consuming.



The solution was a new digital workspace interface, giving a complete overview and clarity of all tasks and cases, supported by artificial intelligence, automation and best practices from other industries. On a weekly basis, new and highly appreciated functionality was introduced and the involvement from users grew over time - partly because users realized that their problems were addressed immediately. The solution was built on the latest front-end technologies and ramped up with realistic test data, making the solution one step ahead of traditional prototyping tools.



Insights in understanding the power of combining people, artificial intelligence and smart processes enabled Kronofogden to visualize a concrete future way of working. The experience-driven development was an eye-opener for the business representatives, demystifying artificial intelligence and showing how modern ways of working can benefit the organization.

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