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AI-powered personal trainer for financial autonomy in order to decrease debt among young adults


Cybercom supported Kronofogden’s Innovation lab to get funding from Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, in order to develop a prototype that supports young adults at risk of having financial problems.



The challenge was to reach the target group who mainly acquire knowledge about the private economy through classroom training, which is not showing enough effect especially in groups with a low educational level and weak social networks. The level of financial difficulties is increasing in this group and the ways to reach them were limited.



Cybercom delivered an extensive concept where lean startup and design-thinking methodologies were used. The concept included an AI-chatbot prototype and was tested on the target group with good results, which shows that it is a way to reach the target group and enhance their financial skills. The chatbot interprets the users’ needs and can give advice on how to be more responsible and take charge of their own financial situation through digital support. In order to create this prototype, Cybercom worked closely with Kronofogden who knows the target group well.



Through this Project, Kronofogden got new insights as well as a deeper understanding of the target group and on how chatbots and AI-technology can be used to reach and influence it. Based on those insights, the next step was the development of games and educational videos in order to create an even more engaging solution.

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