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2020-06-23, 16:52 Posted by: Simon Salas Amnér & Anton Åbonde


In modern society, the average person spends about 80-90% indoors. When spending so much time indoors it is no wonder that people want to bring a little of the outdoors inside. The indoor environment is naturally different from the outdoor environment and might not be suitable for all plants. Plants are not only affected by the amount of water and sunlight they receive from their caretaker but also temperature and humidity. The presence of healthy plants can improve indoor air quality, reduce stress, and thus increasing productivity, and provide food. Therefore, the challenge is to create an indoor environment that enables plants to flourish.


This challenge could be solved by designing and implementing an embedded system that can monitor the environment in which the plants are located. The system could rely on simple sensors that measure sunlight, temperature, and humidity in real-time and then send that data to be compared with factual information pertaining a plant's optimal living conditions.
The user would be able to see if one of the factors is deviating from its optimal value and from this information a decision for a more appropriate location could be made.


Helping people to achieve their green 凯发开户官网home with less research and improving their well-being in the process.

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