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Successful innovation combines technology competence and substance knowledge

2020-06-25, 14:57 Posted by: Nathan Nylund

At Cybercom, we are not satisfied with business as usual, but want to constantly explore new and better ways to do things with our clients. We have created this mentality form by creating the right model for innovation, which can be implemented to all client business to improve their innovation process. It ensures that we can offer cutting-edge and sustainable solutions with exceptional added client value.  

Hi, my name is Nathan Nylund and I’m the new Innovation Zone leader in Cybercom Finland. I’m very excited about this new role and looking forward to continuing with current innovation projects as well as start new ones. I will work closely with our internal network of Innovation Zone leaders from Sweden and Poland. We all work together to promote innovation activities both internally and externally and support each other on our path towards a more sustainable future. We want to make sure that future generations could also live the quality of life we are accustomed to. As we have seen this year, this can be very quickly challenged by unforeseen factors. During these difficult times, it's more important than ever that we keep working hard on finding solutions for new challenging problems. 

Providing cost-effective and time-efficient ways of prototyping and innovating digital solutions will create clients competitive edge during digital transformation. 

As an innovation leader, my responsibilities will include managing innovation zone processes, refining them, and making sure that everyone has the opportunity to innovate. I will also ensure that we keep providing added value through innovation. Innovations and ideas can be created during everyday work, so it’s important that there is an easy and quick way to evaluate them. We have created internal agile processes, that ensure that every idea is taken into consideration, evaluated, and moved into implementation efficiently. Because we believe that anyone can innovate, we want to make sure that everyone’s ideas and thoughts are listened and noticed. That’s what our innovation is all about! Providing cost-effective and time-efficient ways of prototyping and innovating digital solutions will create clients competitive edge during digital transformation 

Innovation zone has and will keep excelling in providing value when uncertainty is high. I would like to wish you strength during these turbulent times and welcome you to contact me with any digital challenges you may have. Let’s find a solution together!  



Our values are Trust, Passion and Innovation.

INNOVATION: We are innovative and contribute with new ways of thinking, business models and solutions.


More about my background

My journey in the software industry began as a teenager when I started developing simple websitesShortly after the iPhone was released, which resulted in a surge in app development. I went along with the hype and started developing games and other mobile applications. I even managed to ship a logistics app for a large electrical equipment manufacturer.  

When it came time to choose a major in university, I opted out for electrical engineering, because I wanted to learn how the software I developed worked under the hood. During my studies, I was involved in a multinational industrial organization where I had the opportunity to work with different cutting-edge technologies ranging from extended reality applications to chatbots. I was sprung back to software as it became more interesting than circuits, motors and generatorsI realized that my talents lie in designing and developing proof of concepts where I can take advantage of new emerging technologies.  

I wanted to know more about how to get the best value from these short experiments and find out all the potential use cases for what is considered new and exciting. This led me to begin my master’s degree in computer science, a career in Cybercom and even took me across the world to Japan, where I interned at the national institute of informatics. 


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