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The app that helps everyone’s lives work

For most people, mundane chores like cooking, cleaning and laundry are routine and require limited effort, but it is not that way for everyone. For some people, planning is a hardship. Being dependent upon others for structure in everyday life can feel frustrating and difficult.

Todej (pronounced “Today”) is a mobile app that helps people plan their time better and conserve their energy. The app, which Cybercom developed in partnership with Skellefteå Municipality, was created mainly for people with cognitive difficulties, but can also be useful for other people who want to get things done in an entertaining way. There are also elements of gamification that motivate people to use the app.

Residents of the municipality who have cognitive impairments will now have the opportunity to live like other people do, to live more independently. Many are dependent on ­personal assistance to manage various everyday tasks.

Carina Norman, an organisational developer at Support and Service, Skellefteå Municipality.


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