Katarina Cornelius - Cybercom

Katarina Cornelius

Katarina - a Maker of tomorrow

Katarina works as Head of Business Transformation. A true Maker who has released a couple of books, is an appreciated global speaker and spends her days accelerating the growth of Cybercom clients.

Hi Katarina! How did your path to becoming a Maker look like?

I wrote in my diary when I was 14 years old, “I will never stop being curious ”. A sentence that has led me on to an interesting path through three different yet connected careers. My first career was in global sales and marketing for various national and global brands in high tech and telecom. I was for example involved in turning the enterprise centric operator Europolitan into the more consumer oriented Vodafone.

The second part of my career was ignited by what I would call a life-crises, which eventually led me onto a creative and entrepreneurial path. I opened up a business of my own, selling jewellery and accessories, with a great deal of storytelling involved. This was great, people who had bought my creations reached out to me, telling me how they could relate to the stories and how they influenced them. Over time these interactions led me onto my third career, becoming a catalyst for peoples’ growth and transformation. At the core of any transformation process, we need to understand that we are humans with values, beliefs and mindsets that might be challenged by “the new”. Hence, if you want to change your business or your organisation, you need to make it possible for your people to change. I see it as my role as a facilitator of transformation to make the process as free from fear, uncertainties and doubts as possible and rather infuse hope, lust and passion for what is emerging as “the new”.


How would you describe your work at Cybercom today?

My work today at Cybercom is two-fold. Firstly, I am very humbly involved in taking our own Gothenburg business to the next level. Second, I guide our clients in their transformational journeys that potentially stretch over several years and are rarely shaped as linear processes. Instead, they contain a lot of exploration, iterations, trial and errors (!) and organic evolution. Each company, industry and journey is different. And has to be. 


Depending on the different challenges we the client and us collectively - face over time, the Cybercom team composition will also vary, with different but relevant competences involved in each step. It can be everything from generating new revenue streams through transforming data into relevant customer insights, a migration of systems into the cloud – or perhaps using AR/VR applications. 


What is a Maker to you?

There are several layers of a Maker to me. One part is about the ability to always be able to zoom out and take on a new perspective on things – and thereby be able to challenge the status quo. Another is the explorative mindset required in this new, rapidly changing technological era we are in. This involves both methodologies – such as agile, lean start-up, facilitation and a mindset fostered by these. Thirdly and probably, most importantly, it is about harness learnings. To become a learning organisation – for real – will be an absolute key to success in this new exciting world!


Thank you Katarina, what an uplifting story to hear!