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The Enhanced Digital Services of Omena Hotellit Oy

2018-05-09, 14:14

The customers of Omena Hotellit Oy expect to receive service round-the-clock – safely and effortlessly. In order to keep the website responsive during high visitor peaks due to events and campaigns, it was justified to replace the traditional data centre technology with the cloud service from Amazon Web Services.

Cybercom's Passionate Support for AWS -services were chosen for the maintenance of the cloud platform. Passionate Support for AWS includes 24/7 Service Desk, infrastructure and architecture design and implementation of AWS environments.
The transformation to cloud services derived from the growth strategy of Omena Hotellit Oy, highlighting the importance of the utilisation of digitalisation. The goal is to expand the company's hotel network that now comprises of seven Omena hotels in Finland.

"To the constantly growing number of Finnish customers, Omena hotels represent modern accommodation services successfully combining digitalisation and self-service, where all unnecessary – hence, extra – expenses have been cut out. To the youngest of our clients, the "old-fashioned" check-in process is already long forgotten – just like phone booths and bank offices", states the CEO of Omena Hotellit Oy, Thomas Kingelin.*

"We have now deployed the booking system of next generation – it provides us with better possibilities than ever before to continue the digitalisation of our business as well as to further develop our self-service concept. We chose Cybercom's Passionate Support for AWS services due to its versatility and comprehensiveness. Cybercom takes care of the transition project and design, as well as of the continuous maintenance of the platform for us. Especially important for our business was the scalability of the service, which played an important role when choosing a partner. With the help of Cybercom, we are now able to utilize exactly the right amount of capacity for our needs", tells Joonas Castrén, Digitalization Manager of Omena Hotellit Oy.

The information security of the cloud platform related to the website and booking system was carefully planned and executed in close collaboration between the specialists from Cybercom and Omena hotels.

"It is important to take information security and data protection into consideration from the very beginning when designing new services and processes. Many factors, such as the confidentiality of the data or certain legal requirements, have an effect on the level of protection needed. Cybercom's information security services are always tailored based on the needs and risk analysis of the customer – providing a result that not only is the best solution for the business in question, but also is highly cost-effective", states Kimmo Pajunen, Cybercom's Head of Information Security Solutions.


More information:

Thomas Kingelin, CEO, Omena Hotellit Oy +358 40 350 3627
Tapio Koivisto, Director Managed Services, Cybercom Finland+358 40 542 8698

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