Digital Sustainability is a driver for business innovation - Cybercom

Digital Sustainability is a driver for business innovation

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important issue and it will affect everyone. We propose that digital solutions and services are key enablers and catalysts for successful yet sustainable business.

Cybercom’s Makers play a major role when there is need for innovating, creating and developing sustainable solutions or services. To share the knowledge around Digital Sustainability, we have organized Digital Sustainability Day on 12th February 2019 in Helsinki The day included both events for our Makers and clients as well as to everyone as an open meetup in the evening.

As said, Sustainability plays an important role in Cybercom. Every year we nominate Sustainability Ambassadors from each country we operate. We asked few questions from our Finnish Sustainability Ambassadors Jessi and Otto, and what is their passion around Sustainability.

UN Global Goals

Jessi and Otto, you are two of the seven Cybercom’s Sustainability Ambassadors – what is a Sustainability Ambassador and what is your roles and responsibilities?

Otto: “A sustainability ambassador is a Maker who wants to represent and progress the values of sustainability within and outside Cybercom. Our current role is to plan a training that allows all makers to know what digital sustainability is, and how sustainability affects their work, and how that can be turned into new type of opportunities with clients. “

What do you want to achieve as a Sustainability Ambassador?

Jessi: “I would like to make Cybercom sustainability work more concrete to all of Makers and for our clients and stakeholders. It would be nice that everyone in Cybercom would know how they can make a difference, and our clients to see that sustainability isn’t just ja buzzword for us, it’s concrete actions. “

Otto: “I want to make the work Cybercom does regarding sustainability more understandable to everyone, which can then allow them to see the impact their work has, and what they can do to strive even further. It’s not about going full vegan and only using recycled products, but also impacting our clients’ processes and technologies.”

Digitalisation and technical progress have made possible to add positive value to business or services we develop. How does the sustainability goals or thinking, shows in our everyday work with our clients? 

“All of our projects are compared to UN’s 17 agenda 2030 goals, and we measure our Sustainable projects and report these in our Sustainability Report every year “, Otto says and continues:

”I would argue, that any innovation regarding going towards a more optimized technologies and services pushes us towards a more sustainable infrastructure. Small things matter as well. A good example is pushing for more Skype meetings instead of traveling to different sites.”

Jessi: “I think that I’ll take most of the things granted because Cybercom is so focused on sustainability and it’s integrated to our business. But like Otto said, most of our innovations and project drives sustainability goals further. “

Cybercom is supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development goals – what is the main purpose with these goals?

“The purpose is to make the world a better place to live, as simple as that 😊. Our sustainability work builds on UN goals. For example, we evaluate the sustainability impact of every project against those UN goals”, Jessi tells.

Is there something that we all could do right away, to support Sustainability matters? Or have you done some changes in your behaviour to support Sustainability goals or matters? 

Otto: “I think some of the bigger actions you can do are hard to accomplish in one go, so I’ve tried to add smaller sustainable actions to my daily life to start having a gradual impact on my overall impact. These are things like decreasing traveling and being more conscious about your energy consumption with devices and single use plastics. Considering work, it’s good trying to see what common sustainability impacts (lessening energy consumption, less materials used, etc.) your work in a project had, and then seeing how you can apply/improve those impacts in the next project you do.”

Jessi: “I’m a big fan of institutional change and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to be a sustainability ambassador. The impact of one person is limited, but the impact of a company like Cybercom is much greater.”

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