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Cybercom Achieves AWS DevOps Competency Status

Our solid goal of promoting the use of DevOps practices, is one of the integral parts of our full life cycle approach to the solutions we provide to our customers. We want to educate them on the cultural philosophy behind DevOps and build a DevOps platform that perfectly fits the needs of the customer.  

In order to do this as efficiently and securely as possible, we integrate tools from AWS to our customer projects and service operations. Cybercom is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, an official MSP Partner and a reseller for the public and private sectors in the Nordics. Today, we are proud to announce that we have achieved AWS DevOps Competency as well. 

“As a trusted and growing AWS partner, we deliver solutions that help our clients to gain maximum benefits from the cloud. We have many years of experience on building new applications and DevOps solutions using automation with continuous integration and delivery. We are happy to have achieved a designation as highly valued as this - thanks to all those skilled and motivated cloud Makers we have in our AWS Cloud Services team in the Nordics”, says Tony Hendrell, Head of Cloud Services, Cybercom. 

What Does AWS DevOps Competency Mean?  

To achieve AWS DevOps Competency is no piece of cake. Companies that have received the designation, are the members of AWS Partner Network (APN) that have proven to possess deep AWS expertise and have delivered multiple solutions seamlessly on AWS.   

For example, one of the biggest media houses in Finland, MTV, is a perfect case in point on the professionalism we provide on the topic. Our fruitful collaboration has included e.g. the development of a video transcoder backend with CMS as well as the execution of video on-demand customer portals.  

As an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, the solutions we provide are carried out with deep expertise in helping the customers to implement continuous integration and delivery practices, and to automate infrastructure provisioning and management with configuration management tools on AWS.   

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Tony Hendrell

Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group

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