LEAD chooses Cybercom as a partner - Cybercom

LEAD chooses Cybercom as a partner

LEAD chooses Cybercom as a partner in exploring how to accelerate the uptake of innovative solutions that deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

On its current trajectory, the world will be unable to deliver the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The world is under threat from rising carbon emissions, our society sees persistent inequality and lack of access to basic services, our ecosystem is on the brink of a collapse due to biodiversity loss, and our economy continues to drive the unsustainable consumption of natural resources. Climate action (SDG 13) is a critical precondition for the 2030 Agenda. Addressing the climate crisis transcends geography and local interests and is an issue that nation states have committed to; but one that requires truly integrated and innovative solutions.

LEAD is a leading incubator from Sweden with the objective to accelerate the development of start-ups by providing idea owners and entrepreneurs with a wide range of directed resources and services for a faster and more secure growth. https://lead.se/en/

The solutions provided by the start-up scene have enormous potential to enable the reduction of

global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and deliver on the global sustainability goals. In order to ensure sustainability value for society it is necessary to look beyond adopting new technology, and work with how technology is used and for what. A new generation of incubators must be able to identify, categorize and assess how different startups and their solutions can deliver sustainability in a digitalized world.


“In order for LEAD to deliver a significant positive impact and to understand how to support our tech startups in the best way, we now trust Cybercom to help us explore different ways to understand the growth potential and sustainability impact from our tech-startups”

-Catharina Sandberg, CEO, Lead-LiU Entrepreneurship and Development


The objective of this project is to provide LEAD and their innovation-ecosystem access to methodology and resources for “sustainable innovation” i.e. making global sustainability a driver of innovation and growth.

Cybercom is a digital consultancy company specializing in how digitalization can provide solutions to global challenges and drive business innovation. The company recently led the work of developing a roadmap for a Fossil Free Sweden on behalf of the digital consultancy sector. The roadmap was handed over to the Swedish government the 20th of March 2019.  Cybercom has been working with numerous companies on digitalization to drive development towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and was one of the first companies to integrate the SDGs into KPIs and the CRM system to ensure that they are linked to core business development. Cybercom is an active member in the UN Global Compact and a participant in other relevant international processes such as Mission Innovation. www.robotsh.cn

Ingemar Jansson

Head of Sustainable Strategy & Business Development

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