Ivar Grimstad speaker at Jfokus 2019 - Cybercom

Ivar Grimstad speaker at Jfokus 2019

2019-01-10, 16:28

Jfokus is a conference that is all about developers! Java, Frontend & Web.

Ivar Grimstad is a Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and JUG Leader working as Principal Consultant for Cybercom Group in Sweden. He is the PMC Lead for Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J) and he is involved in the forming of Jakarta EE. Ivar is also in the Java Community Process as a member of the Executive Committee, Spec Lead for JSR 371 (MVC 1.0) and has served as Expert Group Member for a number of JSRs, such as JSR 375 (Java EE Security API). He is also involved in Eclipse MicroProfile as well as being an Apache NetBeans Committer and a frequent speaker at International developer conferences.

Ivar will be speaking at Jfokus 2019 in Stockholm in February.
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