Cybercom wins Stockholm Robot Championship - Cybercom

Cybercom wins Stockholm Robot Championship

2016-11-17, 13:47

Cybercoms office in Gothenburg has the last years been engaged in Robot SM and Stockholm Robot Championship. The team has been building and programming autonomous model cars outside of work under very engaged lead from Mikael Spets.

“At Robot SM that took place this spring Mikael and Musab competed with all four cars that we had built and came 1-4 place. We didn’t have to make any changes on the cars so the Stockholm Robot Championship was just all about having fun. Even though the concept is a competition people tend to help each other and exchange ideas”, says Tom Strömberg.

This weekend the team participated in the Folkrace challenge at Stockholm Robot Championship and came 1st and 2nd with 19 points and 18 points. They even had a good margin down to the following contestant. Tommy continues.

“The team that came 3rd got 11 points and you can already see that other contestants are using our solution as inspiration. Maybe it’s time we start working on our solution 3.0? To summarize the day, we are very happy that we won and I have to say that Mikael Spets was vital in our success”