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Cybercom AWS Cloud Academy

Our Makers are the backbone of our organization. We are dedicated to ensuring that every individual has the skills that their role requires and also have the opportunity to develop them further.


With our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the newly formed Cybercom AWS Business Group, our organizational needs have expanded towards the cloud. We strive more than ever to realize the full potential of our Makers and invest where we know we can achieve the biggest development impact.

We need to grow and with more certified AWS consultants we can create great impact for our current and prospective customers. Therefore, we are continuing our technical education program “Cybercom AWS Cloud Academy” in Stockholm, which has been proved a successful concept, where our Makers can get hands-on experience and reach their full potential in AWS Cloud Solutions.

The leadership team, whose members play complementary roles, have different key skills and backgrounds. Johan Sari who has the role as the teacher this quarter says.

Real success comes never without the sacrifice of time, but it will truly pay off in the long run. The participant´s possibilities of having the coolest jobs will surely expand with their new skillsets. I am doing everything in my power to keep their motivation flying high during their studies.

We create a culture that actively supports and makes competence development a natural part of every working day. We are on the lookout for professional individuals who have a genuine and keen interest in our work and are hungry for knowledge. Do you want to join us? Check out our job opportunities here and tell us about your passion.