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5/5/2020 8:34:47 AM; Posted by: Tommi Marjomaa

No Two Servers Alike

A good way to avoid problems with unique servers, is to automate the provisioning and configuration of the environment with a fully automated and script-driven DevOps pipeline. The point of using automation tools is not just to enable easier server rebuilds, but to make it easier to understand and modify the server configuration.

servers, automation, devops, cloud, Cloud computing, Cloud Services, azure Read: No Two Servers Alike
2/4/2020 2:23:05 PM; Posted by: Harri Malkamäki

IglooConf 2020 - my best picks from Azure conference

IglooConf was arranged in January 2020 in Helsinki, Finland. It offered  a lot of interesting sessions across all kinds of Azure technologies for Cloud enthusiastic audience. 

azure, IPaaS, PaaS, LogicApps, iglooconf, cloud Read: IglooConf 2020 - my best picks from Azure conference
12/16/2019 8:49:31 AM; Posted by: Tommi Marjomaa

The end (of support) is nearing – what to do?

End of support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is nearing | 14.1.2020 | Here are some tips to get you started with the planning the migrations.

server2008, windows, microsoft, migration, cloud, cloudservices Read: The end (of support) is nearing – what to do?
11/21/2019 11:53:09 AM; Posted by: Tuomo Andelin

Microsoft Ignite 2019 recap

Recap from Microsoft Ignite 2019 event. Check out Tuomo's recommandations and tips for experts and beginners. 

azure, microsoft, ignite, Sustainability, azurestack Read: Microsoft Ignite 2019 recap
10/22/2019 11:00:56 AM; Posted by: Tomi Asp

Data Lake on ACID

Cloud enables many variations to data platforms for managing your dataDatabricks includes an open source storage layer (Delta Lake) enabling ACID transactions on data lakes.

data, datalake, acid, azure, cloud, cloudservices, Lambda, machine_learning, ML Read: Data Lake on ACID
9/30/2019 1:04:50 PM; Posted by: Antti Rahikainen

Almost-live OpenShift Upgrade by Reinstalling

Migration project went in general very well and customer was happy with the result. This upgrade method required far less planning and checks than doing the upgrade one version at a time. Also the cluster had been running for couple years already and was on old RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) version. With this approach we have fresh, pristine installation of RHEL and OpenShift with no legacy configurations.

OpenShift, Kubernetes, redhat, Migration, case, RHEL, linux Read: Almost-live OpenShift Upgrade by Reinstalling
9/26/2019 11:52:00 AM; Posted by: Niko Ylänen

Heading to Microsoft Ignite 2019

Next November we are heading to Orlando to join Ignite 2019.  I think it will be very exciting week to hear latest news from Microsoft and meet colleagues and customers.

azure, Ignite, Cloud, cloudservices, Data, microsoft Read: Heading to Microsoft Ignite 2019
9/3/2019 11:53:32 AM; Posted by: Elisa Szilvay

Two things to ensure success with data utilization

Data is one of the buzzwords of the decade. Digitalization, internet and IoT, as well as evolvements in computing power, storage, cloud and related solutions have changed what we can expect from data and what we can do with it.

data, digitalisation, IoT, cloud, dataplatform Read: Two things to ensure success with data utilization
2/11/2019 6:44:19 PM; Posted by: Markus Toivakka

Serverless Data Lake

In this post, we talk about design process of a serverless data lake using cloud-native technologies.

datalake, dataplatform, aws, azure, cloudservices, cloud Read: Serverless Data Lake
12/21/2018 12:01:04 PM; Posted by: Toni Ylenius

Container pipelines: Jenkins X and OpenShift Jenkins Pipeline

The reasons to use container platforms, in a modern DevOps project, are to standardize and accelerate software deployments. In this context software pipeline means the technical steps starting from developers change to a repository, application build and Docker container build and finally delivering the tested change to the production on an OpenShift or Kubernetes cluster. We are going to quickly compare the readiness of OpenShift development tools versus the new project Jenkins X. The finding, to highlight here, is that there is no ready made solution that covers every aspect in software pipeline.

OpenShift, Kubernetes, docker, DevOps Read: Container pipelines: Jenkins X and OpenShift Jenkins Pipeline

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