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Disrupting Digital

12/3/2018 1:52:09 PM; Posted by: Katarina Cornelius

AI and me

My own journey into the field of AI started from a, perhaps, quite different viewpoint. In 2011, some then-colleagues and I were exploring how to maximise the collective intelligence of groups, teams and organisations, with collective intelligence defined to include both human and computer interaction.

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11/15/2018 4:38:39 PM; Posted by: Katarina Cornelius

AI – homo sapiens sapiens’ path to singularity

This new blog series will cover the different aspects of artificial intelligence. Hopefully it will give food for thought and help you reflect upon how AI could assist your business, your organisation and wider society.

The term artificial intelligence has been with us since the 1950s, when the Turing test was conceived and introduced. The Turing test is designed to “test a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human”

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12/13/2017 1:19:18 PM; Posted by: Katarina Cornelius

Transformation is fun

Part 3 of 3

In order to succeed with a transformation we need help to adopt completely new perspectives.

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12/6/2017 4:02:11 PM; Posted by: Katarina Cornelius

To die a little

Part 2 of 3

The trans in transformation stems from the Latin transire, which means to go across or pass away. This may sound dramatic, but having to realise that the knowledge and experience you possess is no longer as valuable can be painful. It affects our innermost core, our own perception of ourselves, our own identity. That’s why I usually say, “everyone wants change, but nobody wants to change”.

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11/27/2017 4:08:22 PM; Posted by: Katarina Cornelius

A new world

Part 1 of 3.

We are right in the middle of a paradigm shift; a change that most of us recognise but that few of us can really find the words to describe. This transformation is often referred to as “digitalisation”.


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About this blog

Most of us have accepted that we are in the middle of a paradigm shift; a shift in which digitalisation is changing the concepts of how we communicate, collaborate and do business. There is an increasing understanding that we all need to do something to remain relevant, but are terms such as digital, digitalisation and digital transformation sufficient to describe what is happening right now and to guide us in the right direction?

In this blog I would like to provide a much broader perspective on what lies behind this paradigm shift, in which digital technology is becoming a tool. I will offer suggestions for how we can think, do and act differently in order to grow into – and grow within – the new paradigm.

I will also periodically explore various ideas about the future from a human-centric perspective, in which technology leads to changes in human behaviour, and how this will – in the near future – bring even greater transformation to our business than we have seen so far. 

The content is partly based on the book Byt Värld, published in December 2016.

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