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Our targets

In its strategy for 2019–2021, Cybercom has identified the target areas of client value, specialisation (profitability), innovation, sustainable business, Makers of tomorrow (employee satisfaction) and One Cybercom (growth). These are critical and steer our operations and day-to-day activities in the right direction.

Client value

The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) will improve every year.

Outcome 2019:

Comment: Via the annual client survey, Cybercom measures perceptions of the company as a strategic partner and our performance in the areas of value creation and on-time delivery.


Specialisation (Profitability)

The operating margin* for the Cybercom Group will be above 13 percent and above 15 percent for the growth areas of IT security, cloud services and certain Centres of Excellence by the end of 2021.

* Operating margin excluding acquisitionrelated amortisation.

Outcome 2019:

Comment: Profitability shows how we are developing towards greater specialisation with more value-add services. High profitability means we are investing in areas that create value for our clients.



80 percent of employees will have spent more than 40 hours on projects within an Innovation Zone as of 2021.

Outcome 2019:

Comment: Systematic innovation efforts are moving us towards the position of innovation consultants.


Sustainable business

80 percent of all assignments will contribute to the UN SDGs.

Outcome 2019:

Comment: Sustainability will be integrated into our assignments, offerings and culture. All assignments are registered in the CRM system with regard to how they contribute to the global SDGs.


Employee satisfaction – Makers of tomorrow

The employee net promoter score (eNPS) will increase annually from the baseline score of 18 in 2019.

Outcome 2019:

Comment: Strategy, leadership and career development opportunities promote employee satisfaction. Measured via aggregated “pulse checks”.


One Cybercom (Growth)

The Cybercom Group will grow by 30 percent in the period of 2019–2021. Growth will top 50 percent for the growth areas of IT security, cloud services and certain Centres of Excellence.

Outcome 2019:

Comment: Uniform and repeatable processes will support a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing. We use the same model for investing in and developing offerings and solutions in all Cybercom regions, enabling exponential growth in addition to the number of employees. The groupwide perspective increases internal collaboration and helps us reach our full potential. 

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