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1995 – Founded by IT consultants Per Bergström and Pekka Seitola, Cybercom starts operations.

1996 – Cybercom’s Stockholm office opens and Telia is among the first clients.

1999 – Cybercom works with mobile services. The company is listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange in December 1999.

2000 – Cybercom focuses on services for the telecom and financial service industries.

2001 – Cybercom establishes operations in Denmark.

2002 – Cybercom is established in the UK through the acquisition of Stratum Project Management, with operations in financial solutions. The company receives a significant global contract involving responsibility for application management for Sony Ericsson’s portal.

2003 – Cybercom acquires Consafe Infotech and establishes a strong position in services to the telecom industry in the Öresund region. Through the acquisition, J Christer Ericsson becomes a major shareholder in Cybercom through a company (JCE Group AB).

2004 – The company is appointed a partner in the EU research project Supporting Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Mobile Services and Application Supply Business (”SIMS”) for development of mobile services and 3G applications.

2005 – Cybercom acquires Netcom Consultants, active in telecom management. Through this acquisition the office in Singapore is added, as well as major international clients Millicom and Tele2.

2006 – Cybercom establishes a joint venture in Mumbai, India, along with the Indian company Datamatics. In December 2006, Cybercom phases out operations in Norway.

2007 – Cybercom acquires the operations of auSystems in Sweden, Denmark and Poland. The acquisition more than doubles Cybercom's sales and number of employees. Cybercom also acquires Varchar, with around 25 employees in the Öresund region.

2008 – Cybercom acquires Finnish Plenware, with around 550 employees at the time of acquisition, and with operations in Finland, Estonia, Romania and China. Cybercom also acquires security consultant Nexus Consulting, which brings key expertise in the field of security. During this year Cybercom opens an office in Chengdu, China, and a sales office in Dubai. In October Cybercom sells the UK operations.

2009 – During 2009 a programme of measures is implemented at a cost of SEK 28 million to adjust to the weaker economic activity in Sweden and Finland. The company also makes goodwill impairments of SEK 200 million in Cybercom Finland and SEK 80 million in Cybercom Sweden. The company carries out a rights issue of approximately SEK 100 million.

2010 – A volatile market leads Cybercom to streamline its nearshore capacity and close its operations in Estonia. Restructuring of operations in southern Sweden are implemented at a cost of SEK 18 million.

2011 – Impairment of intangible assets related to Plenware Oy of SEK 151 million is conducted. Operations in Beijing, China, are closed and the sales office in San Jose, USA, is closed. Restructuring is implemented at a cost of SEK 28 million in conjunction with cutbacks in Finland, Romania and China.

2012 – A new strategy is adopted, with focus on profitability over growth and the Nordic region as 凯发开户官网home market. In addition,  Poland, India and Singapore are international centres of excellence that both support the Nordic business and represent their own specialist businesses. Cybercom sells its remaining operations in China and initiates liquidation of its business in Romania. The board decides on a new rights issue as part of a new financing solution.

2014 – Cybercom continued to strengthen its position in security and was engaged by the Swedish Tax Agency and the Finnish Population Register Centre to develop national identification services for citizens in Sweden and Finland.

Cybercom was entrusted by Ericsson to deliver several new agile teams and, as a consequence, established a new office in Kista.

Cable & Wireless Communications selected Cybercom for several Connectivity Management assignments for mobile networks in the Caribbean.

UN Secretary-General Ban Kimoon visited Cybercom together with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Migration Minister Tobias Billström to discuss migration issues, technology and sustainability. Cybercom was also exclusively invited to participate in the UN Climate Change Summit in New York to discuss innovative technologies as tools for a sustainable future. 

2015 – The main owner JCE Group made an offer for Cybercom in 2015, together with Tequity AB. The offer was accepted by more than 96% of shareholders, and the company was therefore delisted in December 2015. 

2019 – In February 2019, Formica Capital became the new controlling shareholder of Cybercom. In the new ownership structure, Formica Capital owns 51 percent of the shares. JCE Group owns 41 percent, Tequity around 6 percent and CEO Niklas Flyborg around 2 percent. Formica Capital was formed in 2018 and makes impact investments in which social benefits are important in addition to the yield. The company is owned by the Olsson Eriksson family.

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